Marcus Hiles – A Breath of Fresh Air

Mansions on the Park is the latest embodiment of the vision of exiting Texan property developers Western Rim Property Services. The experience of CEO Marcus Hiles has led to the oversight of the development of 25,000 apartments, bringing exciting luxury living and economic prosperity the state of Texas. These house combine elements of beautiful natural surroundings with the close proximity to the urban buzz of nearby metropolises. Here we’ll take a look at what is making these properties the most talked about and sought after in the state.

The Business Plan of Western Rim Properties by Nancy and Marcus Hiles, describes in absorbing detail exactly how they choose the locations of their developments.. Keeping a blend of natural rural space, for scenic views and the pursuit of outdoor activities must be coupled with being close to cities that provide the excitement and conveniences that many people want to be close too. The area is close to plethora of excellent PGA rated golf courses, famous hiking trails and other outdoor activity hotspots. Not far away is the city of Houston, with its electric atmosphere and Internationally flying airport keeping you within reach of your favorite holiday destinations.

What makes Western Rim Property housing complexes so sought after by residents, is their commitment to developing a social, safe and integrated community amongst those who live there. The community is tailored to reflect a resort-style experience, without sacrificing the privacy and comfort of having your own home. The Mansions on the Park includes a 150ft private swimming pool, coupled with a 24-hour fitness center with its own in-house personal trainer. The resorts also feature a business center for those who wish not to travel to far to work, a Starbucks cafe, and a social community room with HDTV for the community to host events and watch sport together. The children’s activity center and playground also offer families a great chance to get together, relax and meet with each other.

The facilities on offer here demonstrate the importance of having a communal and integrated society within the resort like confines of the housing complex. It offers all the security and safety of a resort, with the social elements of a small village and design quality of a luxury modern New York City apartment. You can find out more about Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles: Sharing Life Moments Beautifully .

Marcus Hiles and his Housing Vision

The latest line of development for flourishing Texan-based housing developers Western Rim Property Services, Mansions at Stone Hill, have proven as with developments before it proven to be wildly sought after amongst those wishing to move to the region. With a blend of natural scenic beauty and close proximity to urban centers, the elegant and chic town-houses are the perfect choice for young urban professionals all the way to established aspiring families. The attention to detail in interior design, strong sense of community and dedication to reducing the environmental impact of the communities have proved popular among the eco-consious and middle to high earning families of America.

Marcus Hiles, CEO and chairman of Texas-based Western Rim Property Services has his vision and integrity for sustainability running through the core of these developments, and nowhere is it better seen that the Mansions at Stone Hill. An exclusive experience that meets the highest expectations of innovative living whilst redefining modern living in America. The location is set amongst scenic park and forest lands, littered with outdoor activities and some of America’s finest golf courses. The resort features a stunning collaboration between architects and interior designers in a members-only community filled with people who share the same exquisite taste and passion for luxury living.

The design features of the building are nothing short of spectacular, combining the modern and chic with traditional and classic tastes. All the entrance lobbies are floored with the finest Italian marbles, and the kitchens and bathrooms surfaced with luxury work-surfaces. The appliances are all stainless steel and state of the art Whirlpool design, and the kitchen back splashes made from real porcelain. It is difficult to design a more sleekly furnished home yourself. The ceilings are high, and the carpets softened to give a spacious yet cozy environment from which you can make your home.

Sparking a sense of community is also hugely important for Marcus Hiles and co, and so integral to every community they develop is large social room for watching sports or hosting community based events. The large private swimming pool exclusive to residences sits beside a 24-hour fitness center for all your exercise needs. You can find out more about Marcus Hiles, Western Rim Property Development Services and their philosophy here at Marcus Hiles Official Account LinkedIn. The future looks bright for the Texas based property gurus.

Marcus Hiles – Mansions at Stone Hill and the art of luxury living

Western Rim Property have a reputation for developing some of the most elegant, high-quality and desirable home to live in in Texas. Their locations are usually situated within driving distance of large urban areas, but in places with stunning natural beauty so you can enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the Texan countryside. One of Marcus Hiles, CEO of Western Rim Property’s latest projects is the Mansions at Stone Hill- a housing complex which perfectly embodies everything the company represent and offer to their residents.

One of the key drawing factors to these properties is the members-only exclusive living environment in which it affords its residents. Living in a secure environment, with other like minded people can offer you the ease of comfort in knowing the people around you are like-minded. Encouraging a community spirit amongst its residents is something Western Rim take seriously, and all sites a built with social venues and areas for the residents to fraternize and enjoy together. The sites have there own health centers, cafes, social clubs, shops and a wide range activities for children, encouraging a diverse group of society to take residence here.

The stunning collaboration between the architects and the designers ensure that the apartments and community amenities are of the highest design specification, and ensure that you are living in some of the most elegant and chic homes available in the US today. The entrance ways have marble flooring, the kitchens have granite work tops, and all apartments are kitted out with stainless steel Whirlpool appliances.

The location of the Mansions at Stone Hill are also one of the beneficial factors of such a complex. 12 miles North of the vibrant and trendy city of Austin, you can ensure that despite the rural feel of your living environment, you are never too out of touch with one of America’s most exciting urban centers.

Some of the biggest names in business, from Dell to Samsung have their headquarters located nearby, providing a he activation for other businesses to locate to the area. This has ensured economic prosperity in the area, with the job market high and the opportunities plentiful. Western Rim Property always ensures that its sites are located close by the areas most excellent academic centers for all ages, from kindergarten and high school to top ranked universities, ensuring opportunities for all ages. Check out about Marcus Hiles for more information on the Western Rim housing projects.

Marcus Hiles – The Estates 3Eighty

A little known town by the name of Little Elm in Aubrey, Texas, is the latest destination to to welcome the future of housing complexes. The Estates 3Eighty is a modern, innovative estate of newly designed and built houses, all functioning within a secure and self functioning community. It brings you all the conveniences of urban living without the stress and bustle that so often accompanies it. The apartments range from one bedroom to four bedroom four bathroom, offering opportunities for families all the way to young single professionals, ensuring the estate has a diverse community.

What is most striking about the complex is just how modern it appears. The design is very much of time, the furnishings like those you often only dream of seeing in the front windows of high-end design shops on unaffordable shopping parades. It’s oozing with taste. The word chic seems the most apt for describing such a smooth and seamless urban design environment, yet located with the scenic panorama that the beautiful area has to offer.

The complex hopes to attract a range of different social structures to its community, and the area is thriving with entertainment possibilities for people of all tastes and interests. Professional sports teams reside in the area, award-winning zoos, a vibrant and upcoming nightlife- to name but a few things before we even mention the area of natural outstanding beauty in which it is located. The complex perches on the 66-mile shoreline of Lewisville Lake, offering some of the most scenic views Texas has to offer. One of the largest employers and corporate names in the area is Toyota, whose headquarters are located 15 minutes from The Estates 3Eighty- drawing a large pool of professionals and also other industries and businesses to the area.

The site itself offers you all the comfort and personal privacy that a home should, whilst offering the series and treatment ethics of a 5-star hotel. Not many housing estates can boast an atmospheric club-room, private personal trainer, Starbucks cafe, mail center, activity playground for kids to name but a few of the numerous facilities on offer. This is an exciting project for a small town, and will no doubt introduce a vibrant range of cultures, community and spirit to an already thriving and beautiful part of America.

Marcus Hiles – How did He Find success?

Marcus Hiles, Chairman and CEO of Texas-based Western Rim Property Services has been prominent in the property development industry for quite some time now and has attracted the attention of all kinds of media outlets due to his interesting life and innovative business plans. He has changed the entire property market in the state of Texas and is currently taking his hold on other parts of the United States, spreading his quality properties to those who demand them. In this article we take a closer look at just what it is that gave Marcus Hiles his success in the industry, and what he did to achieve them over his younger years.

According to one of his websites Marcus Hiles News there are a good number of things that he did to ensure success in the future. Firstly Marcus Hiles undertook an education that lasted many years and was taken with the utmost seriousness. Marcus Hiles did very well during his high school studies and he knew as soon as he had finished that he would be going on to college to continue his life of hard work. At Rice University Marcus Hiles continued to study the same way he always had, working on the side to make sure he made his rent. This life of hard work and effort ensured that he was prepared to the hardships of a career like the one he entertains now. There are however things beyond education that Marcus Hiles has harbored in order to maintain success.

In his activities Marcus Hiles has always made sure that his plans for the future take account of all possible faults. He has always been a team player and has made sure that he has a good number of people in all areas doing the fact checking so that his company can proceed with confidence into the future. Doing this has proven to be effective as so many of his properties are well received and lived in across Texas to this day. Using his knowledge and foresight Marcus Hiles is a supercharged businessman that seems to be dead set on reforming the property market for good with his plans and actions in the industry.

Marcus Hiles – Community Man

The places that we grow up are the places that often stay with us for the longest amount of time. The reason for this is the communities that spring up out of them and define the atmosphere, business and mood of any place. America is famed for the number of communities that proliferate across the vast country, yet today they are seen to be diminishing. The reason behind this is the rise of technology and increase in travel, two things that have on the other hand done a lot for markets and trade in America. Entrepreneur and local hero Marcus Hiles, Chairman and CEO of Texas-based Western Rim Property Services, discusses in this article some of the most important elements of the American community and the ways in which they should be upheld by business today.

As a property developer Marcus Hiles has spent much time considering how his work will affect the communities he works with. One of the first things that Marcus Hiles works into his plan is how the new sites he builds will become communities in themselves. The facilities and design of each of the properties under the Western Rim brand is intended to encourage its residents to share certain things and have access to shared public land. The inclusion of parks, green spaces and gyms is intended to create communities that know how to share and are proud of the place that they live. Whilst these things encourage people within Western Rim properties to respect community, Marcus Hiles has made sure that the existing communities are treated well, too.

In any of the sites that have been built on by Marcus Hiles you will find that they are close to the most exciting and sought after locations in the area. For example one might find that there are top rated local schools within walking distance, thereby connecting the property the school and extended the community that it creates. Likewise one can find local cafes, theaters or cinemas just a stone’s throw away from any Western Rim properties, the reason being that culture is a defining part of the community. Marcus Hiles – Chairman & CEO at Western Rim/Mansions Custom Homes has learn t from experience and education that property development is a full time thing that requires thinking on all levels and considering everyone involved. This is why he remains number one in the field today.

Marcus Hiles, A Man With a Vision

Coming from humble beginnings, Marcus Hiles has over the years built up a successful luxury property empire that was named as a National 2012 and 2013 Award Winner ranking #3 in the Top 5 company score from hundreds of firms reviewed by Sat’s facts. Started in 1988, Western Rim Property Services has adopted a certain formula for its success which has proven to be both highly desirable and profitable. This formula includes: providing beautiful properties in some of the best locations at lowest possible cost, providing a pleasant working environment for the residents, embracing diversity as a way of life, and applying nothing but the highest standards to construction and maintenance, purchasing and customer service. Also key is always striving to ensure that customers are totally satisfied and happy, contributing positively to their neighboring environments, and acknowledging that profitability is required for current and future success.

You can keep up to date with the latest information regarding Texas real estate, Marcus Hiles’ developments and projects, as well as finding out more information about this highly successful entrepreneur at his website Marcus Hiles News

Western Rim has more than 10,400 units currently in use, with another 5,200 units on the way. Most of the developments are located in the state of Texas, where Western Rim is a well recognized brand name that is known for the superior quality it provides. The units are always located in the better parts of the city, and are sure to be located near the best schools, with desirable amenities nearby such as beautiful parks, open spaces, lakes, golf courses and nature in general. They make a point of being highly desirable properties in highly desirable locations, with the added bonus of being around half of the inner city or uptown prices for a similar sized and style of property.

Also worth noting is the unique way in which every apartment built by Western Rim is designed to fit in with its natural surroundings, partly to preserve the natural beauty of the areas in which they are built, but also with the intention of conserving energy. Additional weather stripping, reflective TechShield® sheathing in the attic, dual-pane low-e windows, and top-of-the-line cellulose sound insulation with roof insulation that often exceeds R100 depth are utilized, as well as programmable air conditioners that potentially use up to 30 percent less energy than conventional ones. For more information on founder Marcus Hiles, Chairman and CEO of Texas based Western Rim property services, visit

Marcus Hiles In the Limelight

Texas real estate entrepreneur Marcus Hiles founded Western Rim Property Services and its wholly owned affiliate, Mansions Custom Homes, maintains the goal of building “the highest quality homes in top locations while maximizing views with signature amenities in superior school districts,” according to company philosophy. Marcus Hiles founded Western Rim Property Services in 2004, and he currently boasts a stunning portfolio of luxury apartment homes, condominiums, and custom mansions situated in some of the most sought-after spots in Texas.

How has Marcus Hiles become so successful? He grew up in a middle class family yet from a young age envisioned building and offering homes to people at affordable prices. He dreamed of creating luxury homes at affordable prices for Texans. Marcus Hiles earned his Masters degree in Business Management, worked with and learned from giant real estate companies, and finally went on to forge an iconic career as one of the most successful real estate entrepreneurs in the entire State of Texas. Marcus Hiles is the sole driving force behind the real estate revolution in Texas. Marcus Hilesentrepreneurial efforts benefit not only residents but the real estate community at large. His homes have redefined the way real estate is perceived, and his efforts have served to increase home buyersexpectations. Marcus Hilesbusiness model is one which is emulated, as it is exemplary in successfully reaching the goal of offering luxury housing to the American family at affordable prices.

The success of Western Rim Properties has allowed Marcus Hiles to realize his childhood dream of becoming a leading philanthropic figure in Texas, a role which he has humbly served for over twenty years. Marcus Hiles has worked hard to ensure that Western Rim never wavers in its dedication to giving back to the community. He has proven time and again a key player in creating a number of environmentally-friendly parks, recreational centers, and other cultural amenities. Marcus Hiles believes that increasing the number of green spaces in major metropolitan areas enhances the overall well-being and longevity of residents, and through Western Rim Property Services he has proven capable of achieving and surpassing his goals as a leading philanthropic figure in the environmental sector. Marcus Hiles has been a philanthropic figure in Texas for two decades, he enjoys giving back to the community, and he intends to continue his charitable practices for many years to come.

Marcus Hiles – Above and Beyond

Marcus Hiles CEO of Texas-based Western Rim Property Services has been providing a hallmark for standard in the property market. Him and his team over at Western Rim and truly done wonders for their customers and for the communities they work in by providing quality properties and outstanding services that deliver every time. One of the key beliefs of Marcus Hiles and Western Rim Property Services is that it is essential to go above the call of duty in order to truly be exceptional. Why such a hard working ethic, and how do they do it?

In 2008 the expectations of consumers worldwide were brought down by the financial crisis. The world felt the effects of the malpractice of bankers working at the heart of the financial market, and with them many businesses fell to the ground. Thankfully, things have improved since then in terms of the financial state of affairs, but trust in corporations and the handling of money has never quite been the same. Customers do not want to pass over the responsibility of their hard earned money as easily to others anymore unless they are certain of the outcomes, bringing a more certain and concrete world for the market to move in.

The result was responded to Marcus Hiles and Western Rim Property Services with the utmost integrity. Instead of retreating and cutting their losses they went back into the property market at full force, and the effort they put in has paid off. Now they provide quality properties all over the United States of America that house many very happy customers. More than this, Marcus Hiles has personally maintained relationships of a high caliber with all his customers to ensure satisfaction and to make the deals as beneficial for both parties as possible. The reputation of Marcus Hiles can be found on the internet including on popular networking sites like LinkedIn, all evidencing his high professional standard that continues to go above and beyond.

Nancy and Marcus Hiles’ vision

Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles are two people who are very popular in Texas, they have done a lot for the people of Texas and therefore they have earned their appreciations and applause. Since their college years, the couple had many ambitions that they wanted to fulfill, one of these ambitions was to start a great real estate company. This dream or ambition became a reality in 2004 when the couple successfully launched their company which they named Western Rim Property Service. This company has only one purpose, which was to make the homes of Texas better and allow the people to live with a better life style.

Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles vision comes true with Western Rim Properties and it is something that the couple wanted to achieve for a very long while. It is important for everyone to have a vision, it is something that acts like a driving force for a person and urges him to achieve whatever he has planned to achieve. Western Rim Properties might not have come into existence if the couple did not follow a dream and vision, it was the vision, enthusiasm and determination that allows Marcus and Nancy Hiles to successfully build a company which is now worth millions of dollars.

Another vision that was very prominent among the two personalities was the fact that both of them wanted to become successful philanthropists. Before their company was operational, the couple used to donate whatever amounts they had, but now they are able donate large sums of money without any problems. They have donated money to many universities and schools so that they can improve the standard of education in Texas. It is recorded that the couple has donated an amount of $4 million and that is a very big amount.

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