The Simple Life of Marcus Hiles

The real estate scenario of the state of Texas has improved manifold within the last decade and most of it has been possible for the constructions that are made by the Western Rim Properties. The company is one of the most prominent ones in the real estate world of the state of Texas. The company was founded in the year 2004 by the real estate tycoon Marcus Hiles. Marcus was then a young student of 28 years. He passed his masters from the Pepperdine University and planned to form his own company by the name Western Rim Properties. Through this philanthropic association, Marcus helps the people of the state of Texas to find better living options in the cities. Moreover, the organization and the founder are involved in various social works.

Marcus Hiles has been a son to parents who had worked in the inner city school. He lived a modest and simple life all through. From the way he carries himself, it is difficult to guess that he manages a billion dollar company. He is a true philanthropist who has been involved in various charitable works. He spends millions of dollars every year towards the building up of inner city schools and colleges. He is also the person who has been involved in various charitable works.

Every year Marcus donated millions of dollars to various charitable works. He provided grants to the students who fared exceptionally well in the education and as well as co-curricular activities. To the students and the teenagers who received grants from the real estate legend consider him as their role model. Marcus provided jobs to many of the Texans. There were engineers, planners, and masons who got jobs in the real estate company founded by Marcus Hiles.

Marcus D Hiles, CEO of Western Rim plan to make the state of Texas a better home for all those people who moved out of the state in search for homes and jobs. However, after Western Rim Properties came to the market, the people of different states in the country are looking forward to the state of Texas for better opportunities. He made sure that all the people of the Texas get properties worth the amount of money they are spending. Most importantly, all the properties are located in the prime areas of the cities. Thus, it can be said that Marcus Hiles is the entrepreneur who thinks about the betterment of the society as a whole.

Marcus Hiles Extending His Vision and Helping The Residents Of Texas

You cannot say that the vision of Marcus Hiles is not a complicated one. As soon as he had graduated he knew that he had a wish to provide luxurious life to the people residing in Texas by building the most affordable communities but of luxurious quality in the best zip code areas of Texas. He was aware of the fact that the people of Texas were tired of buying middle-class housing estates at an expensive price and to bring about an alteration in the way people bought their houses, once and forever.

After Marcus Hiles, A Force to Be Reckoned With, had passed out his master’s degree from Pepperdine University, he relocated to Texas and found Western Rim Property, the real-estate development company in 2004. The company had to strive a lot in the initial of its business. However, within a few years the company went on to achieve greater things. It has been over a decade now and Western Rim Property is known to be managing over 20,000 estates and has become a multi-billion dollar company.

The blueprint of the real-estate development company was formed when he was in college. This served as a remedy to the problems of the real-estate market. Nevertheless, Marcus Hiles had to work more than he had anticipated. Marcus Hiles had to build the company from the scratch with a little help from outside. He had to give on his luxurious items from his life like his car and his house. This is the reason he had to spend his time sleeping on the couch of his friend’s house when he was not working in office.

After the completion of premiere developments Marcus Hiles had to decide on the type of amenities that would be best for the properties. Luxurious Apartments was the primary aspect that attracted the customers but he knew that the amenities are necessary to the keep the profit of the company consistent. This is because amenities are capable of making the life of the people quite convenient. He researched on the type of amenities that he wanted to provide and then build cafes, parks, fitness centers and salons as the primary facilities. The educational background of Marcus Hiles as well as his experience was responsible for the success of the company. After her had completed the construction of the initial properties he received some amount of praise that made him believe that people across the country are benefiting from his creations. Marcus Hiles – Find Email Address, Phone Number & More have attached here.

Marcus Hiles: A Great Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

A lot of people around across the world have been finding it difficult to get a beautiful home at affordable price. The people of Texas has always had the issue of property rate in desired locations while the available apartments being far from essential amenities. Marcus Hiles founded Western Rim Property Service in 2004 and all these issues have changed ever since. He has strived to turn into reality, the vision of building luxury homes and apartments at affordable rates in Texas. Through Western Rim Property Service, he has achieved that aim and families in Texas have been happy ever since by providing them with thousands of residential units.

Marcus Hiles – entrepreneur and philanthropist is known for his numerous contributions and donation in the community. He is also known for building quality and luxurious apartments and custom homes for people at a price below the market rate. The People of Texas has been guaranteed a bright future, when it comes to affordable homes. Now, people are given the free will to search and buy their dream home with the necessary amenities through the help Western Rim Property Service. As the CEO and founder Western Rim and Mansions Custom Homes, Marcus Hiles has used his power and position to change the lives of numerous people in Texas which is his home tome and across the country. People have continuously required the services of Western Rim in order to get luxury apartments and custom homes.

Marcus Hiles and Western Rim Property Services have touched so many lives in ensuring that they get their own homes and also, he has been acknowledged for his charity works and donations in Texas. He has contributed a lot to the community and the world as a whole. His achievements has made him and Western Rim Property Service one of the most successful and prominent organization in the whole Texas. This uncommon business man has taken Texas by storm and also going for other countries across the world. Properties under the watch and supervision of Western Rim Properties are known as the widely searched and sought after properties in the whole state.

Detailed information concerning Western Rim Property Service events, promotions, company profile, property pictures, property information and so on can be viewed on Marcus Hiles official facebook page. Marcus Hiles has always given back to the community and also developed the undeveloped communities across Texas.

Marcus Hiles: Chairman and CEO of Western Rim Property/Mansion Custom Homes

Marcus Hiles, founder of Western Rim Property Service and Mansion Custom Homes, has been working to ensure that the middle hard working class people are provided with the opportunity to own a luxurious apartment at an affordable rate. Achieving this goal wasn’t easy but it paid off through hard work, perseverance and dedication. He has been respected and acknowledged for changing the lifestyle of the people of Texas. In 2004, Western Rim Property Service, his real estate firm was established in the heart of Texas his home town. Marcus has always given hard work and dedication as his recipe for success.

Marcus Hiles, chairman and CEO of Texas based Western Rim Property and Mansions Custom Homes, has always had the interest and well being of the people at heart. He believes that every individual should have a home with the essential amenities. He also states that the company’s vision is to ensure that the people of Texas and the whole world are provided the opportunity to own their homes at their desired location including the amenities like schools, financial institutions, supermarkets and so on. This has been the major source of the company’s success.

Marcus Hiles had always prepared himself and worked towards building a real estate company of his own. Before the goal was achieved, he worked for various real estate agencies by buying and selling properties for clients in order to gain experience and the knowledge of real estate business. Marcus Hiles is widely known for his numerous contributions and donation to the community. He is also has the signature for building high quality and luxurious apartments, and custom homes for people at a price below the market rate.

Marcus D Hiles CEO Western Rim Property Service is one of the respected and prestigious real estate development organizations in Texas. The company is known building and developing magnificent houses and structures, architectural designs, and luxurious homes which has essential amenities like gym, swimming pools, a large parking space and many more. All these and many more can be gotten at an affordable rate at Western Rim Property Services. Marcus Hiles is well known in the real estate sector for catering for customers and clients needs. He believes business is not done only for its profits but for the ability to solve a problem in the society. His point of view has made him a niche in the real estate sector.

Marcus Hiles: Chairman and CEO of Western Rim Property Services

Marcus Hiles, the Chairman and founder of Western Rim Properties is considered as man with vision. He has contributed a lot to the development of various communities in Texas and the United States as a whole. His real estate company, Western Rim Property Service is known for its vision in providing comfortable and luxury homes to people at an affordable below the market rate. Marcus Hiles has always stated that his success is as a result of his hardwork, perseverance and dedication. He also views good education as the pathway to success.

The famous Marcus Hiles: Chairman and CEO at Western Rim/Mansion Custom Homes, had the vision to provide the people of Texas with their dream homes. He has continued to make this vision a reality by establishing his real estate firm that specializes in managing luxury apartments and custom homes that would guarantee a customer’s satisfaction. One major motto at Western Rim Property is Comfort. Marcus Hiles ensures that all available resources are effectively and efficiently utilized in order to provide clients and customers with their dream homes. The essential amenities are also considered as top priorities when researching about a good location.

The uncommon businessman in the real estate business, Marcus Hiles strives to provide comfortable apartments in the best locations to clients. Through his companies, Marcus Hiles owns and manages more than 7,500 townhouse communities, homeowner associations and apartments in San Antonio, Austin, Houston, and the Dallas/Fort Worth region, including Rockwall, Tyler, North Richland Hills Prosper, and Collin Counties. Marus Hiles has an amenity signature of having lakefront homes and ready access to championship golf courses in his apartment communities and town home. He knows the true value of money through his accomplished level in the business sector. He strives to provide affordable homes and apartments with a touch of quality and luxury to people at an affordable price. He also makes sure that the essential amenities are also provided. His construction facilities and designs have gone a long way in confirming his integrity and trademark for comfort and safety. The people of Texas are happy and pleased with his works and therefore present him for recommendation to their acquaintances.

For more details and information concerning his educational profile, work activities such as community developments, locations with essential amenities, his donations and contributions to charity organizations, you can view Marcus Hiles professional profile on LinkedIn.

Marcus Hiles Emphasizes On Long-Term Success at Western Rim Properties

The world today has become incredibly fast paced. This has led many people to believe that it is possible to become a success overnight. After all, they have noticed that some companies have managed to become famous across the world from being obscure names in a rather short time. Technology companies are prime examples of this phenomenon. After all, there have been quite a few social media companies growing and dominating their sector in short span of time.

The Code of Marcus Hiles

Be that as it may, the better long term strategy would be to concentrate on being dedicated and working hard. This strategy has always worked in ensuring success. It is also the code of Marcus Hiles: making Texas a better home. Unlike others, Marcus did not try to become a success overnight. Instead, he began to apply the lessons he had learnt while growing up in a middleclass family living in an average locality. He had learned the advantages of an industrious spirit and the ability to never give up till success was achieved.

When Marcus started Western Rim Property Services, he applied these principles. He has not looked back since. Now, his company as well as its affiliate, Mansions Custom Homes have become one of the most popular of its kind. They have grown to encompass over thousands of apartments, townhomes and accommodations in the central and the eastern regions of Texas.

Foundation of an Industrious Spirit

It would have been impossible for Marcus Hiles Houston Texas | Real Estate to achieve that incredible level of success if he had not applied his industrious spirit and hard work as the foundation of his company. With these in tow, Marcus has managed to achieve his dream of creating affordable housing solutions that offered a luxurious experience to the residents.

The properties developed under the supervision of Marcus Hiles are located in some of the most stunning locales. Some are placed near top golf courses while others can be found near rich nature preserves. The location of most of his properties is carefully chosen for their proximity to the best schools of the town or city.

Marcus is familiar with the principle of providing services that meet the needs and desires of his clients. He has followed that principle which has ensured that the demand for his properties has remained constant. There is no doubt about the fact that his strategy works brilliantly.

Marcus Hiles, the futurist who changed the lives of Texans

Proud owner of the Western Rim properties, Marcus Hiles, is the mastermind behind the high quality lifestyle of the average American residents of Texas. Hiles had envisioned providing working class families with luxury homes at the lowest rates possible. He struggled hard in his early life to devise a plan for constructing low cost high –end homes equipped with excellent amenities. Eventually, he fulfilled his dream in 2004, when he founded his property development and services company by the name Western Rim Properties.

Marcus Hiles admits, recipe of success as hard work and dedication

Born and raised in a middle class family, Marcus, learnt to achieve his goals by putting in true dedication and hard work without compromising his ideals and principles. After earning a bachelor’s degree from Rice University, Houston followed by completing his master’s degree in business administration from Pepperdine University, California, Hiles prepared himself to establish a real estate company of his own. He worked as a regular employee for various real estate giants of his time. He sold houses, cracked property deals and raised funds for development projects to gained high knowledge and expertise in the real estate business.

Establishing Western Rim Properties was not easy for him. He confesses to facing various financial problems during his initial years of starting his company. From sleeping on the floor of a friend’s house to not being able to pay off his staff on time, Hiles encountered numerous troubles. But he never gave in. His labours paid off and in due course of time, his company became the most popular property development companies of the entire Texas region. Today, his office is constantly flooded with residents who are looking for luxury homes at prices lower than the market rate.

There is no stopping for Marcus Hiles

Marcus Hiles is a true entrepreneur and a role model for the new businessman in the making. He rightly understands the changing needs of the society and constantly works to cater to them. He comes up with new ideas and innovative house styles every year depending on the varying life trends. He not only constructs traditional homes but also creates custom homes that can be easily adapted the way the residing family wants. With over 20,000 residential properties under his reign and many more adding up, there is no looking back for Marcus Hiles.

An Affordable Option for Luxury Property

San Antonio, Texas may be the second largest city in Texas but it maintains that small town feel that makes everyone feel welcome. It is rich in culture, arts and history but also has the modern conveniences to make it the ideal location to live and work in. There are many lucrative employment opportunities and an abundance of attractions nearby for those times when you’re able to enjoy some fun. At the end of the day, though, you want to return to the comfort of your beautiful home to relax. Marcus Hiles, founder of Western Rim Properties, immediately knew he wanted to establish a community here. The face of San Antonio real estate is forever changed now that he has brought his vision to the San Antonio marketplace.

Enjoy luxury homes within a reasonable budget

Marcus Hiles excels at combining extraordinary features with affordable prices. He knows only too well the struggles many families face when trying to balance getting the best for their families and staying within their budget to attain it. Mr. Hiles worked his way through college and graduate school before building Western Rim Properties with money he scraped together at the age of 28. He strongly believes there is no need for only the affluent to be able to afford the comforts in life. With that philosophy, he moved into the San Antonio area to develop a community that has all the amenities one would want, quality home building and a safe neighborhood all with a reasonable price tag. While other neighborhoods are having difficulty finding the elite to purchase their homes, Marcus Hiles makes luxury home buying accessible to the average family.

All the amenities one could ask for

When planning the neighborhoods Marcus Hiles develops, a lot of thought is put into the needs of the people who will be buying these homes. He considers the diverse makeup of San Antonio families and the amenities they may want in a neighborhood. Because of this, Western Rim Properties are filled with exceptional features including cafes, green areas, wooded areas, spas, pools and clubhouses. Families of all sorts enjoy coming home to such comforts.

Building a community

Not only does Marcus Hiles build homes, he attempts build a sense of community. He credits his education to his success and as such has donated to educational programs that will help facilitate the success of others. He is a supporter of the arts which is vital in a city such as San Antonio. He has given over a million dollars to charitable organizations in an attempt to positively transform the community in which he serves. Marcus Hiles and Western Rim Properties are a welcome addition to the San Antonio real estate landscape. Their efforts have allowed the average, hard-working family the ability to afford the luxuries they are often denied.

Choosing a New Home with Western Rim Properties: A Simple and Efficient Process

Western Rim Properties has always strived to provide the best residential solutions for consumers. Regardless of budget need for amenities, current and prospective renters and home buyers can count on Western Rim Properties to provide the best services possible. The same goes for the initial move-in process itself.

est-woodlandindd-western-rim-property-servicesMarcus Hiles, the Founder and CEO of Western Rim Properties, set out to achieve what no other property developer had achieved before: To provide luxurious yet affordable housing options that came with exceptional amenities and were located in the best neighborhoods. Consumers responded with record breaking sales numbers, and communities built under the Marcus Hiles name filled up very quickly. As news spread of the exceptional quality that Western Rim Properties was offering, Marcus Hiles ensured that everyone knew about the easy and straight-forward process that came with buying a home from his company. Consumers can connect with Western Rim Property Service on Linkedin to learn more about various residential communities.

How the Process Works

For such a large real estate development company, the process of finding your dream is relatively simple. Since Western Rim Properties has such a large network of communities throughout Texas, most prospective residents start by choosing a community that is within driving distance of their work. Then, they choose whether or not they want to live in a custom built home or a luxury residential condominium complex.

After they’ve chosen where they want to live, the prospective residents visit the community and speak to a leasing specialist who will show them around the property, offer them some information about living within the community, and help them decide which unit is best for them. All of the properties managed by Western Rim Property Services feature on site leasing and sales specialists who provide an exceptional level of customer service and can help find the best unit based on a family’s specific housing needs.

Once the family chooses a unit that best fits their needs, the agent will assist with filling out the paperwork, and will often let the family know when they can move in before they leave.

Convenience at its Best: The Marcus Hiles Promise

Marcus Hiles has always believed that convenience should be a top priority for his communities. This belief also includes the application process that potential customers have to deal with prior to living in one of his residential units.

Marcus Hiles and Western Rim Properties will continue to offer affordable, luxurious and convenient solutions to prospective renters and homebuyers for years to come.

Following Marcus Hiles success and generosity

Marcus Hiles is a successful businessman who created Western Rim Property Services and Mansions Custom Homes in Dallas, Texas. Two companies with over 7,500 properties spanning Texas with an estimated value in the billions of dollars. He creates beautiful, contemporary living space for several thousands of people to enjoy.

He was not given anything; he scraped, grew and earned every bit of his success. Growing up in an urban environment, Marcus Hiles was raised by his minister father. His hard childhood has had a deep impact on Marcus HIles drive, ambition, and success.

A youthful Marcus Hiles drew from his background and moved into adulthood working hard to get the education he needed to achieve his dreams.  Hiles earned his Bachelor’s Degree at Rice University in Texas and moved forward in his education to earn his Master’s in Business Administration at Pepperdine University in California. The drive that pushed him through college then led to him creating Western Rim Property Services. From there he added Mansions Custom Homes to his businesses. These two companies have luxurious properties located throughout Texas in areas such as Houston, Austin, San Antonio and Tyler. Marcus Hiles’ Western Rim Property Services and Mansion Custom Homes are also in Rockwell County, Dallas-Fort Worth Region, Prosper, Collin Counties and North Richland Hills. He now successfully runs a billion dollar company.

He unique life perspective has led him to build in the cities, not the suburbs. His properties are highly sought after offering affordable housing in urban areas which keep homeowners close to their jobs, excellent schools and a tight knit community. Several of the properties have infinity pools, golf courses, woodlands and spas. Most of the properties also have lush clubhouses, full fitness centers and cafes.

Marcus past and present come together in his philanthropy. Knowing the importance of a good education, Marcus HIles used his success to donate to several millions to K-12 schools as well as universities. He has organized millions of dollars in grants for K-12 education. Environmental non-profits and women’s advocate groups have also benefited from Marcus Hiles philanthropy.

Hiles is the epitome of the American Dream. Coming from an impoverished background, dreaming of a better life, to making his success a reality in Western Rim Property Services and Mansion Custom Homes. He has touched thousands of lives in his affordable homes, rentals and philanthropy.

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