Investor Marcus Hiles Encourages States to Follow Texas’ Lead

Investor Marcus Hiles Encourages States to Follow Texas' Lead

Investor Marcus Hiles Encourages States to Follow Texas’ Lead

Investor and developer, Marcus Hiles, believes that Texas’ success is largely due to its pro-growth policies. The state is dedicated to reducing government regulations and spending in order to provide its businesses and residents with a thriving environment.

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Marcus Hiles To Cost-Conscious Renters: Locate Properties With High SEER Rating

Marcus Hiles To Cost-Conscious Renters: Locate Properties With High SEER Rating

Marcus Hiles To Cost-Conscious Renters: Locate Properties With High SEER Rating

As a tip to reduce home energy costs, Marcus Hiles suggests that home buyers and apartment renters locate properties that have central air conditioners with a seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) of 16 or above. The Department of Energy requires the newest air conditioners to have a 13 to 14 SEER rating – depending on the type of system – but the higher the number, the better. Hiles notes that “Compared to a 15-year-old home or apartment with a 10 SEER unit, this will cut your air conditioning bill by 60 percent.” Western Rim Properties prioritizes air conditioner efficiency in their units, and deliver more than $424,000 in energy savings to their community members each year. “In five years, they’ll have collectively saved over $6 million,” Hiles calculates. “Plus, over the next decade, we’ll lesson carbon dioxide emissions by 327,000 tons.”

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Marcus Hiles Sees Long-Term Happiness For Millennial Renters

Marcus Hiles Sees Long-Term Happiness For Millennial Renters

Marcus Hiles Sees Long-Term Happiness For Millennial Renters

Nearby amenities may vary by location, but standard conveniences are never overlooked. Hiles’ complexes are often just up the street from golf courses, nature trails, and many other city conveniences. Breathtaking scenery ensures a beautiful backdrop to the apartments, and the complexes feature waterways, green spaces and lush trees creating a very relaxing setting. With many lifestyle features on-site, residents of these luxury rental units do not have to leave home, unless they want to of course. Complexes feature a first-class fitness trainer in a state-of-the-art facility and an on-site Starbucks to get their latte fix. Each unit is designed with visual appeal and versatility in mind. Crown molding, designer kitchen cabinets, and easily accessible elevators provide ultimate comfort and convenience for residents. With the experience of managing and owning over 15,000 units, Marcus Hiles shows concern for tenants and the local environment in each design by installing programmable thermostats, energy-efficient roofing, insulation, and windows and other environmentally friendly features into each new development.

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Expert Real Estate Investor Marcus Hiles Plants 2,500 Trees Each Year for Environment

Expert Real Estate Investor Marcus Hiles Plants 2,500 Trees Each Year for Environment

Expert Real Estate Investor Marcus Hiles Plants 2,500 Trees Each Year for Environment

The carbon footprint of Marcus Hiles’ company, Western Rim Property Services, is always on the forefront of the esteemed real estate developer’s mind. He believes that by increasing the tree canopy of his properties from their pre-developed state, a significant environmental impact can be made. The strategy Hiles’ business incorporates extends beyond lowering greenhouse gas emissions, and intends to improve overall air quality by minimizing pollutants in the air and storm waters.


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Land for Community Parks

Marcus Hiles 2015 HeadshotUrban parks and wilderness environments increase the health and well-being of the citizens who live nearby and are fundamental resource for strengthening American cities. The U.S. Centre for Disease Control (CDC) research shows an exciting and positive correlation between access to community areas and likelihood of someone choosing to exercise. Having open recreation space in the vicinity of where people live encourages physical activity, fellowship and fun. Parks often become the unique hub of a city and are an investment in the growth of the neighborhood. Knowing the importance of public space for leisure and enjoyment of nature, Marcus Hiles has contributed to the transformation of multiple Texas cities with his generous gift. Inspired to create amazing places to live, these community parks are an essential part of his vision. His mandate for eco-friendly business extends to his company that annually plants trees by the thousands. Neighborhoods with access to green space, surrounded by living things, vegetation and wildlife are healthier, friendlier, more inviting and prosperous.

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A Healthy Business

Western Rim Property Services, led by its charismatic and visionary CEO Marcus Hiles, is a property development company which stands out from the rest. It is rare in this day and age to see property development companies devoting such an emphasis to limit the environmental impact of their developments on the countryside by committing  to cultivate and protect the natural areas that surround their complexes. Based in Texas, the business has made noticeable commitments to lowering their ecological footprint, and this can clearly be seen in the attention to detail it brings to bear on the design and architecture of the estates and mansions which they bring to the area.

Since the company’s conception a decade ago, Marcus Hiles has been assuring his clients that a healthy environment leads to a healthy business. In order to deliver this promise, the company has overseen the development of 25,000 apartments. And at no point in their portfolio have they sacrificed their original vision of integrity and sustainability on the housing complexes they complete. Their efforts to remain environmentally-friendly – and showing due respect for the natural landscape – has been much appreciated by both the residents of the buildings and the local communities, who prior to the developments expressed concerns relating to the impact of such projects on the surrounding landscape.

When looking for locations, Marcus Hiles and Western Rim assert that it is determined  to offer residents the best that rural living has to offer. Extraordinary landscapes and a range of outdoor activities – coupled with accessibility to urban centers such as Dallas, San Antonio and Houston – means that Western Rim is determined to fulfil the dreams of those wanting to experience the best of both these lifestyles. This remains integral to the philosophy of placing Western Rim properties in the right location.

When designing the layout of the complexes,  the architects are encouraged to study the natural landscapes and try to integrate the buildings as naturally as possible in to the local landscape. Alongside this, all the buildings are built with weather stripping,  reflective radiant barrier roof decking in the attic, dual pane low e-windows, and top of the range sound insulation. All the units are serviced by HVAC systems, which uses 39% less energy than the standard. CFL and LED light bulbs are used to further reduce energy usage, and all the landscape systems are designed using water conserving irrigation systems. By maintaining such high ecological standards, developers Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles  have ensured the carbon footprint of its residents and the local community remain as low as humanly possible. To find out more about Western Rim Property Management as reported by Marcus Hiles, go to

The Lakeline Mansions

According to Marcus Hiles, 2015 was a great year.Western Rim Property Services has caused a considerable stir in the architectural world over recent years. The Texan-based property developers has built its reputation on a multi- dimensional vision of what living in modern America could become for the aspiring class of professionals. Its properties combine a careful approach to limiting the impact on the environment, while maintaining a meticulous attention to detail regarding both interior and exterior design. The latest of such properties developed by Western Rim is the prestigious Mansions at Lakeline, which beautifully embodies all the elements of their business vision.

An integral aspect of Marcus Hiles, CEO-Western Rim Property Services, vision for the company comes with selecting the appropriate location for the housing communities. What they aim to achieve is to offer residents all the many benefits of country living – with scenic panoramas and proximity to outdoor activities – whilst remaining within range of the great entertainment hubs of urban centers such as Dalllas, San Antonio and Houston. For example, the Mansions at Lakeline are located just north of the vibrant and fashionable metropolis of Austin. Austin has built a reputation as a Mecca of arts and culture in recent years, and has been lauded across America for its growing music and art scenes. The city itself is also home to a variety of gorgeous parks and recreational spaces that offer plenty in the way of outdoor attractions.

There is an abundance of beautiful open spaces outside the city too, which harbours some of America’s finest golf courses as well as famous retail outlets and sports and music venues. The interiors of these town homes are designed to the very last quality detail to ensure the luxurious lifestyle aspired to by so many. All house come with an attached garage for one or two cars, with formal entrance ways floored with the finest Italian Marble.

The kitchen space is filled with elegant granite work surfaces and the latest stainless steel kitchen appliances. The tiles in the bathroom and kitchen are lined with real porcelain tiles, and the high ceilings and carpeted floors make for a spacious yet cozy environment.

No detail has gone unnoticed in these fine town houses, which offer beautiful accommodation for families or single young professionals alike. Located next to one of Americas most exciting cities, there really is something for everyone in this part of the world. To find out more about Marcus D. Hiles, Founder of Texas-based Western Rim Property Services, look no further than

Community Architecture

Western Rim Property Services has been astonishing the world of community architecture now for several years. With over 25,000 properties in its portfolio, it is proof that innovation and a meticulous eye for detail can not only survive but flourish in the highly-competitive world of real-estate. What is most striking about developments such as The Grand Estates Housing Projects is not only the beautiful and pristine gated communities in which they operate, but how much emphasis has been placed on creating the most attractive interior design. As many point out, it is like living in a state-of the art modern apartment in downtown Dallas coupled with a view of one of the great Texan lakes. For many it is the ideal combination.

All the apartments house elegant granite kitchens and bathroom counter-tops, complemented with solid wooden flooring. The kitchens are fitted with the latest stainless steel Whirlpool appliances, under-cabinet lighting and sleek chrome features- with real porcelain tiles on the back of the counter-tops. The attention to detail is remarkable and has been featured in articles on the charismatic and fore-sighted Marcus Hiles in the Dallas News. The ceilings in the apartments are between 9-10ft high, offering a spacious yet intimate living environment. The colors used further create a warm, relaxed and soft atmosphere, perfect for relaxing after a long day’s work.

At the higher end of the market, many apartments come with an outdoor marble Jacuzzi tub, perfect for those Spring and Fall evenings with a glass of champagne and a view of the stars virtually unknown to city folk. The Grand Estates project recognizes the importance of living in an attractive and modern furnished home, and how it can greatly improve your personal well-being and happiness- hence their clear focus on creating such elegant residences.

What is also hugely important is the sense of community environments like this offer the resident. Spending time with the other residents and enjoying the atmosphere created is integral in ensuring a thriving community of happy aspirational individuals. Getting the design absolutely perfect is the foundation on which these exciting new complexes are built. Why not visit the Marcus D. Hiles Official Account on Vimeo to learn more about these remarkable properties.

The 3Eighty Estates

Unless you live in its immediate vicinity, the town of Little Elm, Texas, will probably not be your favourite destination. However, that looks definitely set to change as it now finds itself celebrated as the proud host of the Future of Housing Complexes. The Estates 3Eighty is a modern, innovative estate of newly-designed and built houses, all functioning within a secure and self functioning community. The 3Eighty Estates bring you all the advantages of urban living without the stress and pressure that so often accompanies it. The apartments range from one- to four-bedroom accommodations, offering opportunities for entire families to young single professionals, thus ensuring the estate enjoys a diverse community.

What is most striking about the complex is just how modern it appears. The design is very ahead of its time. The furnishings are those you only see in the front windows of high-end design shops on unaffordable shopping parades. It’s awash in style. Marcus Hiles is providing luxury houses to Texans, and the word ‘chic’ seems the most apt for describing such a smooth and seamless urban design environment located within the scenic panorama that this beautiful area is famous for.

The complex hopes to attract a range of different social structures to its community, and the area is thriving with entertainment possibilities for people of all tastes and interests. Professional sports teams reside in the area, alongside award-winning zoos and a vibrant and fashionable nightlife- to name but a few things before we even mention the area of natural outstanding beauty in which it is located. The development perches on the 66-mile shoreline of Lewisville Lake, offering some of the most scenic landscapes Texas has to offer. One of the largest employers and corporate names in the area is Toyota, whose headquarters are located 15 minutes from The Estates 3Eighty- drawing a large pool of professionals and other industries and businesses to the area.

The site itself offers you all the comfort and personal privacy that a home should, whilst offering the benefits and treatment of a 5-star hotel. Not many housing estates can boast an atmospheric clubroom, private personal trainer, Starbucks cafe, mail center, and activity playground for children to name but a few of the numerous facilities on offer. Marcus Hiles is a magnanimous and big-hearted man, who is bringing this exciting project to a small town, and will no doubt introduce a vibrant range of cultures, community and spirit to an already thriving and beautiful part of America.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Marcus Hiles Featured on Dallas Morning News Talking Real EstateMansions on the Park is the latest embodiment of the vision of exiting Texan property developers Western Rim Property Services. The experience of CEO Marcus Hiles has led to the oversight of the development of 25,000 apartments, bringing exciting luxury living and economic prosperity the state of Texas. These house combine elements of beautiful natural surroundings with the close proximity to the urban buzz of nearby metropolises. Here we’ll take a look at what is making these properties the most talked about and sought after in the state.

The Business Plan of Western Rim Properties by Nancy and Marcus Hiles, describes in absorbing detail exactly how they choose the locations of their developments.. Keeping a blend of natural rural space, for scenic views and the pursuit of outdoor activities must be coupled with being close to cities that provide the excitement and conveniences that many people want to be close too. The area is close to plethora of excellent PGA rated golf courses, famous hiking trails and other outdoor activity hotspots. Not far away is the city of Houston, with its electric atmosphere and Internationally flying airport keeping you within reach of your favorite holiday destinations.

What makes Western Rim Property housing complexes so sought after by residents, is their commitment to developing a social, safe and integrated community amongst those who live there. The community is tailored to reflect a resort-style experience, without sacrificing the privacy and comfort of having your own home. The Mansions on the Park includes a 150ft private swimming pool, coupled with a 24-hour fitness center with its own in-house personal trainer. The resorts also feature a business center for those who wish not to travel to far to work, a Starbucks cafe, and a social community room with HDTV for the community to host events and watch sport together. The children’s activity center and playground also offer families a great chance to get together, relax and meet with each other.

The facilities on offer here demonstrate the importance of having a communal and integrated society within the resort like confines of the housing complex. It offers all the security and safety of a resort, with the social elements of a small village and design quality of a luxury modern New York City apartment. You can find out more about Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles: Sharing Life Moments Beautifully .

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