D7K_4908-H720Marcus Hiles, the founder and CEO of Western Rim Properties is famous for his collection of
premium wines. The word “premium” does not do justice for the calibre of his collection. In 2010 Marcus Hiles put over 6500 of his bottles up for Auction at Sotheby’s in Hong Kong. The estimated worth of this collection was US $3 – 4.7 million, which was only 20% of his complete collection. Now wouldn’t you like just a small glass to taste?

The highlight of the auction was a collection of Domaine de la Romanée-Conti with 1030 bottles valued at US$1.1million, making it the largest DRC collection ever offered by Sotheby’s in Asia. The collection is made from some of the most prestigious Bordeaux and Burgundy Châteaux from the most renowned vintages. The Bordeux in his collection has been described as breathtaking and the Burgundy as remarkable. Marcus Hiles truly has a talent for choosing wines and is familiar with the
vineyards along the Gironde and the Côte d’Or. This man is a talented business man and property developer but also a wine connoisseur.

Marcus purchases all his wines upon initial release and stores them in his temperature controlled cellar. It has an underground stream which helps to humidify and cool the wines. He is absolutely devoted to quality and has here assembled some of the world’s best for the lucky buyer to savour.