A Great Texan and a Great Entrepreneur

Real estate is a hard business to get into, especially for those who live in Texas. The residents of this great state have high expectations, and developers often fail to live up to them. Marcus Hiles, one of the leading real estate developers in the state of Texas, has come up with a solution to the growing real estate development problem. For over 15 years, Marcus Hiles has dedicated his time to ensuring that his vision of a better life for Texans is successful, and his company has been at the forefront of this new real estate evolution.


Marcus Hiles founder of Western Rim Property Services began his career in real estate immediately after he graduated from college. He used hard work and determination to build his company from scratch, and has enjoyed an immense amount of success since he started in 2004.

About Western Rim Properties and what the Company Offers

Western Rim Properties has grown from a small company with limited residential units to one of the largest real estate firms in the state of Texas. Western Rim Properties now manages over 20,000 different residential units in some of the best zip codes in Texas, and is worth billions of dollars. The company employs hundreds of hard working individuals in a variety of roles, from construction and administration to operations and more.

Western Rim Property was founded on one belief: Every resident should be able to enjoy the finest luxuries in life without having to spend outrageous amounts of money every month. Each community that the company builds consists of a variety of convenient amenities, including nail salons, hair salons, offices, health and fitness centers, walking paths, cafes and more. People no longer have to drive great distances just to get a cup of coffee or go for a run.

Marcus Hiles: Locating the Gap in the Market

Marcus Hiles succeeded not only because he has worked hard all his life. Years before he founded Western Rim Properties, Marcus Hiles spent hours analyzing current real estate market trends and discovered something was missing. Developers were continuing to build the same type of communities over and over again across the country yet people were not happy.

He soon found a solution to the problem. People were tired of leading mediocre lives and wanted more value for their money. It was then that the Great Texan Marcus Hiles took the chance of a life time and founded Western Rim Properties in an effort to revolutionize the real estate market forever.

How His Personal Life Changed His Professional Life

Marcus Hiles never grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth. From early on in his life, his father taught him to work hard every day for what he wanted, including his college education. His father, a prominent yet humble minister, worked with inner city youth on a daily basis, and taught his son about the importance of giving back to the community.

After high school, Marcus Hiles went to college, where he had to work full time to pay the bills and put food on the table. While Marcus had always dreamed of building a bigger life, he knew that the hardships he faced in college would prepare him for the tough journey ahead. After more than 11 years of the founding of Western Rim Properties in 2004, Newport Classic Homes by Marcus Hiles has been a crowning achievement for the hardworking business owner, especially when so much time and dedication was put into the development’s design.

Tying it All Together – The Early Life and Newport Classic Homes

While it may seem strange to discuss Newport Classic Homes and Marcus Hiles in one sentence, there are surprising similarities between the two. The completion of the Newport Classic Homes property was a high point for Marcus because it resembled a professional obstacle that took so long to overcome.

Marcus Hiles faced many similar obstacles when he was younger. Often times, Marcus would sleep on the floor and eat very simple foods, such as noodles and bread, because he put all of his hard earned money towards an education that would launch him to success. Western Rim Property a real estate company and Marcus Hiles have been working on this development for years, much in the same way Marcus struggled during college when he was working full time.

The early success Marcus experienced during college prepared him for the planning and building of Newport Classic Homes. Marcus constantly worked hard through the night and into the following morning to ensure that every single amenity and every single square foot of living space was planned for and built correctly.

Continuing a Tradition of Excellence in Home Building

Marcus Hiles has been extremely successful over the last decade. Ever since founding Western Rim Properties in 2004, Marcus Hiles still believes that hard work, dedication and team work truly do payoff, regardless of the type of business you own or the job you have. Marcus Hiles will continue to take this same tradition of excellence, pass it on to his employees and provide the highest quality of life for his residents.

Philosophy and Entrepreneurship

Marcus D Hiles the Chairman and CEO of Texas based Western Rim Properties started his company at the age of 28. He had a unique strategy for creating value for his customers. Marcus was able to anticipate the needs of his customers by analysing modern day trends and anticipating the future. He could see that demographics were changing and that the American dream of home ownership was changing. The number of people choosing to rent is increasing, and this trend is expected to continue in the future. Consumers are also preferring smaller and less energy consuming places.

The apartments he creates are designs mirror this new way of thinking. The apartments are the quality, size and scale of single family homes. The homes are designed to conserve energy, with additional window stripping, reflective techshield sheathing in the attic, double glazed low e windows and the best cellulose sound and roof insulation that often exceeds R100 depth.

The buildings themselves exceed the requirements in the industry ensuring comfort in all weather conditions. Respect for the environment is a massive part of Marcus’s philosophy. The goal is to conserve resources and energy and to achieve this, staff are trained to run recycling programs and other community projects to improve environmental contributions.

Marcus D Hiles the Chairman of Western Rim and mansions custom homes philosophy has developed over many years and evolved as he was building his business from scratch. In the beginning Marcus struggled to meet payroll. Any profits he made were reinvested back into the business. Today Western Rim Property Services and its affiliates owns over 10400 existing units and an additional 5200 units in the pipeline. In 2012 and 2013 WRPS was placed #3 in the “Top 5” company score out of many companies reviewed by Satisfacts. This is an apartment authority on resident surveys, satisfaction, customer retention and reputation management.

The Mansions at Woodbridge

Would you like to live in a high- style haven near the Woodbridge Championship Golf master planned community? Yes, then you definitely need to check out the modern luxury apartments on offer at the Mansions of Woodbridge. Western Rim Property Services have succeeded in creating the best value for money with regards to this offering. Marcus Hiles the Chairman of Western Rim Property and mansions custom homes has commented that his company’s philosophy is to create high quality residences in the best locations at half the price what you would pay for a similar unit in inner city or downtown. The residences are always in areas with the best schools and this has a significant impact on the take up of the units.

This community provides residents with the unique experience of resort level living paired with the entertainment and excitement of the Dallas metroplex.

Choose to live at the “The Mansions at Woodbridge”, you’ll find yourself surrounded by natural beauty and extravagant convenience. The clubhouse has chic design, but stately styling and this can be found in all the apartments as well. Every aspect of the community has been planned down to the last detail. Welcome to the Mansions at Woodbridge.

Marcus Hiles, the Chairman of Western Rim Property services and mansions custom homes, says the reason for his company’s success comes down to a number of factors. They only buy property in the best locations with the best schools. The apartments are designed with luxury in mind but only half the price of similar apartments found inner city. The value for money is outstanding, and as a result the take-up of apartments is high.

Western Rim Property Services has become one of the most successful property development companies in Texas. The company and its affiliates make regular donations to many charities and believe in making a difference to local communities and the world at large.

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Western Rim Property Services New Consumer Orientated Website

In 2008 Coppell based Western Rim Property Services launched a new consumer orientated website to announce development of new communities in Prosper, San Antonio, Rockwell, Tyler and Collin County.

The new corporate website features apartment searches, photo galleries, video tours and more.

Following the success of the Mansions at Canyon Springs in San Antonio, TX, Western Rim will also be launching the Cascades Lake Towers in Tyler and the Towers at TPC, San Antonio. These are the first two luxury mid-rise condominium communities under the new ‘Towers’ brand.

The new website is designed to promote the ‘Mansions’, ‘Estates’ and ‘Towers’ brands. It establishes Western Rim’s corporate identity as a leader in the resort style living communities.

Western Rim Property Services with its wholly owned affiliate, Mansion Custom Homes, currently owns and manages over 10,000 Texas apartment homes in Collin County, Dallas/Fort Worth, Rockwell, San Antonio, The Woodlands/Houston and the Cascades of Tyler.

Western Rim and Mansion Custom Homes take great pride in being on the cutting edge of design and amenities. Each community is designed to be “The Best Place in the City”. Every customer receives the most value for their money.

Luxury “Mansions” brand rental town homes come in select floor plans with attached garages, marble baths with jetted tubs, real hardwood floors, 70 ounce carpet, granite kitchen counter tops, full commercial ranges and upgraded stainless steel kitchen appliances.

Many properties are located within master-planned signature golf communities such as Stonebridge Ranch, Canyon Springs, Tournament Players Course (TPC) and the Cascades Country Club. It’s the home of Jack Nicklaus School of Golf.

Western Rim Founder Marcus Hiles says the company’s philosophy is very simple.

Build the highest quality homes in the best locations while maximizing views with signature amenities in superior school districts.

The American Dream

When we grow up we all hope to achieve our own little slice of the American Dream. We are taught that if you work hard and never give up that we can be successful. For Marcus Hiles that is a fact.

Marcus Hiles was born of humble upbringings. He was the son of an inner city minister in Texas. He was not afforded all the finer things in life. At one point in his life he was so poor he was sleeping on the floor.

He was however taught that through hard work and dedication good things can happen. So he worked his way through college first attending Rice University for his BA and then Pepperdine University for his Masters in Business Administration. With the little money, he had managed to save he started what would become Western Rim at the age of 28.

Today he is able to give back to his community through a multitude of charitable works. He has donated millions of dollars for educational institutions both collegiate and K-12. He has given money to various women’s organizations, children’s hospitals, as well as music programs.

Marcus Hiles is a shining example of what can happen when you work hard and dream big. You can start from nothing and make something. He is the American Dream exemplified.


Western Rims Property Services Founder Marcus Hiles is passionate about the environment. Today, resources are dwindling and with global warming becoming widely acknowledged as a serious problem it is more important than ever to come up with solutions. With the Arctic Ice melting at faster than predicted rates, the oceans warming and levels of carbon dioxide at the highest levels ever, it has become a very important issue for the founder. Marcus Hiles has introduced many company policies and programs to make a difference. Recycling programs have been introduced to all communities and staff are trained in ways to reduce their ecological footprint.

marcusd hiles

Marcus Hiles also makes sure that his company’s plants lots of trees, with post development coverage always exceeding the pre development coverage. Trees help to save energy used for cooling and heating apartments. They can reduce air conditioning needs by 30% and save 50% of energy used for heating. One young, healthy tree is the equivalent of ten room size air conditioners operating 20 hours a day. (more…)

Charitable Work

Over the years as Marcus Hiles has become hugely successful as a property developer, he has significantly contributed to charity. He has mostly focused his work through anonymous charitable donations in the following areas.

He has helped create job placement and career services at a national private University. This is valued at over one million dollars. He created K12 education grants both private and public, this is also valued at over a million dollars.

He paid for two churches to be built with a third church in the pipeline. The cost is estimated to be approximately 3 million dollars. He has also given donations to help inner city after school programs over $250,000 in value. He also organised 200 new computers for inner city children which amounted to $100,000 in value.

Over the last 20 years he has given annual funding for disadvantaged women’s programs with total donations valued at $600,000. He also donated $30,000 to a children’s hospital in North Texas.

Marcus Hiles has had a massive impact on the environment by donating rehabilitated parks, lakes, streams and greenspace back to the public. This donation is valued at 4 million. In addition his private parks, green zones and wildlife reserves also add value and benefit to society.

Most of these donations were not declared as charitable donations and no tax deductions were taken even though this would have been permitted by IRS rules.

Standout Residences

Marcus Hiles is the CEO and founder of Western Rim Property Services. This company has a reputation for high quality luxury apartments at great value for money. Recently it was recognised by Satisfacts, an apartment industry authority on resident surveys, resident satisfaction, resident retention and reputation management. In 2012 and 2013 Western Rim was named an award winner ranking #3 in the “Top 5” company score out of many hundreds of firms reviewed.

Western Rim Properties and its affiliates, Newport Classic Homes and Mansions Custom Homes all share the same philosophies. Build in the best locations with the best schools. Create high value quality residences with the best designs, brands and workmanship but price them at about half the price that you would pay for the inner city equivalent. Ensure that there are great lifestyle amenities such as parks, lakes, streams and golf courses. Have low density housing with expansive green spaces, parks and wildlife reserves.

One example of a high quality residence developed by Western Rim Property Services is The Towers of Seabrook. This community is inspired by ultra modern designs of uptown Houston. It is surrounded by breathtaking views of the bay area with amazing attractions and resort style amenities right outside your door.

You’ll be within minutes of everything the bay has to offer, being home to the third largest marina in the United States. Seabrook is perfectly located between the relaxing waters of Galveston Bay and the thrills of Kemah Boardwalk. Every home is designed to embrace the natural beauty of the bays views. Truly an amazing place to call home with convenience, sophistication and elegance for you to enjoy. A great example of Western Rim Property Services at their finest.

Inspired Entrepreneur

At the age of 28 Marcus Hiles started his business dream. It was a challenging start, with Marcus struggling to meet payroll and reinvesting all the profits back into the business. He lived on next to nothing in the early years while he nurtured and sustained the business. Today this business, Western Rim Property Services and its affiliates, has become a hugely successful property development company in Texas.

The philosophy behind the businesses success can be broken down in the following ways. They plan developments in the best locations with the best schools. The rents are about half the price what you would pay uptown but it’s essentially the same product. They have the finest lifestyle amenities, such as parks, lakes, streams and golf courses.

Marcus Hiles has anticipated the trends of modern demographics which indicate that the number of people renting is on the rise. He has commented that the American Dream of Homeownership is slowly fading away. He realised that there is a trend of government to increase personal taxes and wages not rising at the same rate thus leaving workers with less disposable income at the end of the day. Renting, and renting places with smaller household sizes is becoming the preferable option over the burden of a mortgage.

Marcus Hiles created businesses to meet this need. He created the highest quality residences which are best value for money. His resort style properties became a highly sought after package for people looking for elegant, luxurious and lifestyle accommodation.

Marcus attributes part of his success to the training he received at the Pepperdine PKE MBA program. He says that the professors were an inspiration to him and very helpful and always available. Some of the people he met became lifelong friends who have helped him with his journey to success.

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