Western Rims Property Services Founder Marcus Hiles is passionate about the environment. Today, resources are dwindling and with global warming becoming widely acknowledged as a serious problem it is more important than ever to come up with solutions. With the Arctic Ice melting at faster than predicted rates, the oceans warming and levels of carbon dioxide at the highest levels ever, it has become a very important issue for the founder. Marcus Hiles has introduced many company policies and programs to make a difference. Recycling programs have been introduced to all communities and staff are trained in ways to reduce their ecological footprint.

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Marcus Hiles also makes sure that his company’s plants lots of trees, with post development coverage always exceeding the pre development coverage. Trees help to save energy used for cooling and heating apartments. They can reduce air conditioning needs by 30% and save 50% of energy used for heating. One young, healthy tree is the equivalent of ten room size air conditioners operating 20 hours a day. (more…)

Charitable Work

Over the years as Marcus Hiles has become hugely successful as a property developer, he has significantly contributed to charity. He has mostly focused his work through anonymous charitable donations in the following areas.

He has helped create job placement and career services at a national private University. This is valued at over one million dollars. He created K12 education grants both private and public, this is also valued at over a million dollars.

He paid for two churches to be built with a third church in the pipeline. The cost is estimated to be approximately 3 million dollars. He has also given donations to help inner city after school programs over $250,000 in value. He also organised 200 new computers for inner city children which amounted to $100,000 in value.

Over the last 20 years he has given annual funding for disadvantaged women’s programs with total donations valued at $600,000. He also donated $30,000 to a children’s hospital in North Texas.

Marcus Hiles has had a massive impact on the environment by donating rehabilitated parks, lakes, streams and greenspace back to the public. This donation is valued at 4 million. In addition his private parks, green zones and wildlife reserves also add value and benefit to society.

Most of these donations were not declared as charitable donations and no tax deductions were taken even though this would have been permitted by IRS rules.

Standout Residences

Marcus Hiles is the CEO and founder of Western Rim Property Services. This company has a reputation for high quality luxury apartments at great value for money. Recently it was recognised by Satisfacts, an apartment industry authority on resident surveys, resident satisfaction, resident retention and reputation management. In 2012 and 2013 Western Rim was named an award winner ranking #3 in the “Top 5” company score out of many hundreds of firms reviewed.

Western Rim Properties and its affiliates, Newport Classic Homes and Mansions Custom Homes all share the same philosophies. Build in the best locations with the best schools. Create high value quality residences with the best designs, brands and workmanship but price them at about half the price that you would pay for the inner city equivalent. Ensure that there are great lifestyle amenities such as parks, lakes, streams and golf courses. Have low density housing with expansive green spaces, parks and wildlife reserves.

One example of a high quality residence developed by Western Rim Property Services is The Towers of Seabrook. This community is inspired by ultra modern designs of uptown Houston. It is surrounded by breathtaking views of the bay area with amazing attractions and resort style amenities right outside your door.

You’ll be within minutes of everything the bay has to offer, being home to the third largest marina in the United States. Seabrook is perfectly located between the relaxing waters of Galveston Bay and the thrills of Kemah Boardwalk. Every home is designed to embrace the natural beauty of the bays views. Truly an amazing place to call home with convenience, sophistication and elegance for you to enjoy. A great example of Western Rim Property Services at their finest.

Inspired Entrepreneur

At the age of 28 Marcus Hiles started his business dream. It was a challenging start, with Marcus struggling to meet payroll and reinvesting all the profits back into the business. He lived on next to nothing in the early years while he nurtured and sustained the business. Today this business, Western Rim Property Services and its affiliates, has become a hugely successful property development company in Texas.

The philosophy behind the businesses success can be broken down in the following ways. They plan developments in the best locations with the best schools. The rents are about half the price what you would pay uptown but it’s essentially the same product. They have the finest lifestyle amenities, such as parks, lakes, streams and golf courses.

Marcus Hiles has anticipated the trends of modern demographics which indicate that the number of people renting is on the rise. He has commented that the American Dream of Homeownership is slowly fading away. He realised that there is a trend of government to increase personal taxes and wages not rising at the same rate thus leaving workers with less disposable income at the end of the day. Renting, and renting places with smaller household sizes is becoming the preferable option over the burden of a mortgage.

Marcus Hiles created businesses to meet this need. He created the highest quality residences which are best value for money. His resort style properties became a highly sought after package for people looking for elegant, luxurious and lifestyle accommodation.

Marcus attributes part of his success to the training he received at the Pepperdine PKE MBA program. He says that the professors were an inspiration to him and very helpful and always available. Some of the people he met became lifelong friends who have helped him with his journey to success.

The Founder of the Western Rim

Marcus Hiles is the CEO and Chairman of the West Rim/ Mansions Custom Homes which is a Texas-based company. His ultimate goal was to provide people with luxurious rental apartments and high class homes in the best locations. Today, the Mansions Custom Homes and West Rim own and manage about 10,000 apartments, town houses and homeowner associations that are either under construction or completed. All these properties are in the Dallas/Fort Worth region, Rockwall, Tyler, Prosper, Collin County and North Richland. There are also several properties in the Austin, Houston and San Antonio region. At Rockwall, the Mansions will give the premium example of the top-notch rental community.

The Mansions are located only 22 miles east of Dallas and nearby the Interstate 30. They are situated near the east shore of the Lake Ray Hubbard. The residents of The Mansion are allowed to sail, fish and dine alongside the lake. They can also take the advantage of the three golf courses, two community pools and 330 acres of parkland and open space. The clubhouse is about 7,000 square foot and includes an executive business center, fitness center, doctor’s office, ballroom, arts and crafts workshop, hair and nail salon, and a Starbucks outlet. There is also a separate European-style spa, clubhouse that is spread over an area of about 13,000 square feet.

All the apartment communities and town houses that were designed by the Marcus Hiles have premium amenities and people will be super impressed by the architecture of these apartments. The residents of the Western Rim can get all the benefits of living in such elite locations. Mike has a wine collecting hobby that he keeps preserved in an underground river that is present in his cellar. The Mansion homes at the Rockwall are very strategically planned, and they have been given an easy access to the zenith educational instituted situated in the Texas region. This has made it possible for the people to get a quality education for the children. Almost all the community developed by West Rim has the Clubhouses that have enabled the people to have a luxurious lifestyle.
Here the people get to enjoy all the benefits of hair and nail salons, European Spas and many such things. The property was established by Mr. Hiles in the year 1999 and is one of the well known real estate firm in the Texas region. The headquarter of this property is located at the 620 North Coppell Road, Texas, United States. Mr. Hiles has great connections with all the Board Members of the various organizations across different industries. People who are interested in knowing more about the company can visit the official website www.westernrim.com and check out the progress that they have made in the industrial sector.
The real estate company also manages and owns several apartments and homes in the Texas region. The main focus of the company is to provide people with the world-class amenities so that they can lead a luxurious lifestyle. All these are available to the people at reasonable prices.

Hiles purchases all his wines upon initial release and stores them in his temperature controlled cellar.

Marcus Hiles, the founder and CEO of Western Rim Properties is famous for his collection of premium wines. The word “premium” does not do justice for the calibre of his collection. In 2010 Marcus Hiles put over 6500 of his bottles up for Auction at Sotheby’s in Hong Kong. The estimated worth of this collection was US $3 – 4.7 million, which was only 20% of his complete collection. Now wouldn’t you like just a small glass to taste?

The highlight of the auction was a collection of Domaine de la Romanée-Conti with 1030 bottles valued at US$1.1million, making it the largest DRC collection ever offered by Sotheby’s in Asia. The collection is made from some of the most prestigious Bordeaux and Burgundy Châteaux from the most renowned vintages. The Bordeux in his collection has been described as breathtaking and the Burgundy as remarkable. Marcus Hiles truly has a talent for choosing wines and is familiar with the vineyards along the Gironde and the Côte d’Or. This man is a talented business man and property developer but also a wine connoisseur.

Marcus purchases all his wines upon initial release and stores them in his temperature controlled cellar. It has an underground stream which helps to humidify and cool the wines. He is absolutely devoted to quality and has here assembled some of the world’s best for the lucky buyer to savour.

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