From humble beginnings Marcus and Nancy Hiles created a Business Empire that would transform the way property was managed in the state of Texas and in turn create a business model that gave back to the local community.

Western Rim Properties was established in 2004 with very little start up costs and has now become on of the top companies in the Texas state area. We have all seen examples of rags to riches stories and how people can do extraordinary things and create business empires from small acorns. Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles story is certainly a good example of this and an example to aspiring business entrepreneurs.

The difference between other business owners are the ones I`m writing about today is the good work they carry out for the local community. Giving back to the state that raised them and gave them so many opportunities. This is what makes Western Rim Properties unique and an exciting business model.

Many businessmen around the world are increasingly interested in profits, shareholders and money made. The property market is no exception to this rule, especially seen as many entrepreneurs have made millions of dollars working in this field. Philanthropy has always been at the forefront of the work carried out by Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles, in saying this I am not only talking about giving back to the community in charity work. But the building of affordable housing is also a key strategy that has been adopted by the couple since the start of the business.

Marcus Hiles real estate business is considered to have a great dream and vision for the future which includes not only affordable housing but also the building and developing of luxury and comfortable apartments and custom homes to Texans at a reasonable price which is below the real estate market rate. The extraordinary businessman has mentioned hard-work, perseverance and dedication as his recipe for success. He also sees a good education as the road to success.