Meet Marcus Hiles, a successful business professional and community contributor whose experiences have shaped the way he pursues his professional and personal ambitions.

Dallas native, Pepperdine MBA grad, Successful Entrepreneur, World Renown Wine collector, Community Philanthropist

An Entrepreneur

marcus hiles
Marcus Hiles, entrepreneur and CEO

Starting off at Rice University as an Undergrad focusing in Finance, Economics and Business; Marcus continued his education at Pepperdine where he received his MBA and established his grounds as an inspiring business professional. At the age of 28 is where his entrepreneurial journey began; spearheading the establishment of his now multi-million dollar property management firm; Western Rim Properties.

How it began:

With the Dallas housing market teetering on the verge of disaster in 1988; Marcus Hiles set out to improve the locale real estate landscape with a mission to provide luxury living at affordable prices. Focusing on investing in residential properties that have access to top amenities including school districts, job opportunities, accessibility to roadways; etc; he was able to serve buyers’ wants and needs and drive rapid property expansion.

Specifically targeting underdeveloped areas outside of the Dallas urban city hubs; Marcus implemented this approach to bringing something better to areas that never saw them before. Growing his business while instilling community development; Marcus was able to set out on his mission to give back to the community while aiding his business early on.

Utilizing this progressive thinking model; Western Rim Properties soon established their widespread presence across Texas as one of the top property development firms in the area. Now nearly 3 decades since it’s beginning; WRP employs hundreds and now spans throughout the DFW, Austin, San Antonio, New Braunfels & Houston areas with over 20,000 residential property units under their belt and new projects in the works at all times.

It’s through his works and contributions to his community that has gained Marcus notoriety as a superior property investor and developer. With plans to continue expansion of his business operations, community development and overall entrepreneurial journey; his recognition as one of the top entrepreneurs of his time is expected to be a coveted title Marcus will hold for many decades to come.

A Wine Enthusiast

marcus hiles wine

World renown, award winning, record breaking- just a few words to describe this avid wine collector. Acting as a leader in the premium wine collectors industry; Marcus has fueled his interest and rank in the market; building an over $15 million dollar market value collection throughout the years.

Seeking out only the top blends throughout the world; specialty buyers have come to associate Marcus with his premium grade taste, vast collection and head turning state of the art temperature controlled wine cellar.

It’s no wonder this Texas-born local has come to gain credibility in the wine industry world-wide. Named the 2010 wine collector of the year, Marcus has a range of some of the most covenant and sought after blends that makes up his over 30K bottle assortment.

Continuing to trade and grow through many specialty buyers and premium wine makers in the industry; Marcus made headlines in his 2010 wine auction where he enlisted the help of none other than Sotheby’s; the high-end luxury auction house responsible for hosting some of the biggest auctions throughout the last half century. It’s through this auction Marcus put up an estimated value of $3 – $4.45 million bottles from his wine collection to be sold to the HongKong market. Most notable was his record breaking trade of the largest Domaine de la Romanée-Conti collection (a top pick in luxury wine) ever offered in the Asian market with 1030 bottles valued at $1.1 million. Read more.