At the age of 28 Marcus Hiles started his business dream. It was a challenging start, with Marcus struggling to meet payroll and reinvesting all the profits back into the business. He lived on next to nothing in the early years while he nurtured and sustained the business. Today this business, Western Rim Property Services and its affiliates, has become a hugely successful property development company in Texas.

The philosophy behind the businesses success can be broken down in the following ways. They plan developments in the best locations with the best schools. The rents are about half the price what you would pay uptown but it’s essentially the same product. They have the finest lifestyle amenities, such as parks, lakes, streams and golf courses.

Marcus Hiles has anticipated the trends of modern demographics which indicate that the number of people renting is on the rise. He has commented that the American Dream of Homeownership is slowly fading away. He realised that there is a trend of government to increase personal taxes and wages not rising at the same rate thus leaving workers with less disposable income at the end of the day. Renting, and renting places with smaller household sizes is becoming the preferable option over the burden of a mortgage.

Marcus Hiles created businesses to meet this need. He created the highest quality residences which are best value for money. His resort style properties became a highly sought after package for people looking for elegant, luxurious and lifestyle accommodation.

Marcus attributes part of his success to the training he received at the Pepperdine PKE MBA program. He says that the professors were an inspiration to him and very helpful and always available. Some of the people he met became lifelong friends who have helped him with his journey to success.