The Texas economy boomed in 2017 and now insights from the latest Beige Book are positioning the state for continued economic growth

DALLAS, Feb 1, 2017: With the Federal Reserve’s latest Beige Book report just released, economic insights are being extracted to piece together predictions for the Texas state economy throughout 2018.

Released 8x per year, the annual report reviews and provides commentary on the economic state of the final months in 2017 and beginning of 2018.

While data covered in the report was collected from recent months past, Texas community leaders and economic institutions are seeing promising commentary made by the Federal Reserve that last year’s growth may continue on strong in 2018:

The Beige Book States, “Reports from the 12 Federal Reserve Districts indicated that the economy continued to expand from late November through the end of the year, with 11 Districts reporting modest to moderate gains and Dallas recording a robust increase.”

Through its in depth review of top economic factors, the report brings to light where these robust increases were felt the most across the state’s economic environment. “Job growth, real estate appreciation, and commercial expansion are amongst the leading factors for the exponential growth experienced throughout Texas in 2017 and in the beginning months of the current year”, states Marcus Hiles, a leading Dallas property developer and entrepreneur.

Behind the analysis are other noteworthy topics aiding the state’s success, such as having two cities on the new Amazon HQ short list which will give the selected location an influx of up to 50,000 jobs.

Named the fastest growing state nationwide in 2017 by the US Census; it’s no wonder findings from the latest Beige Book are translating into continued growth for the Texas area.

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