marcus hiles in office

Marcus Hiles is a Dallas-Fort Worth based property developer, entrepreneur and award winning wine collector.

Establishing the Western Rim Properties firm at the age of 28, Marcus has created a billion dollar empire by building luxury communities in North Texas for over three decades. Utilizing his professional success to help develop the surrounding communities, Marcus has given aid to dozens of organizations and projects in the Dallas region. 

“These initiatives are just the beginning. We purposely plant and donate parklands beyond any government development regulation because we know that our labor today will benefit the ecosystem for future decades. My goal is to continue increasing the tree canopy in all of our neighborhoods as well as create municipal parks, jogging trails, and reserves. Our commitment to proven ecological solutions grants our renters the optimal quality of life in a thriving community.

We have seen firsthand the impact our efforts have had, both aesthetically and environmentally.

property developer marcus hiles
Highlights & Achievements
  • Chairman & CEO of Western Rim Properties
  • Award Winning Wine Collector
  • Invested more than 2.5 million to public and private K-12 initiatives
  • Funded continued education and job placements programs
  • Contributions to fund the construction of two large churches in Texas
  • Donated over 59 acres of land to the Texas community