Texas once again charts the ranking for today’s best land of opportunity in both residential and commercial arenas. Frisco, Texas, a once sleepy town of 6,500 residents just over two and a half decades ago, the city now boasts 180k+ residents and has been named the single best place to live in America today. So how did they do it? With many locations across the country experiencing some of the area’s highest growth rates in recent years; what has separated the city of Frisco out that had landed it in MONEY’s Best Places to Live, top spot? No single factor can be credited for the notable title but rather a perfect storm of growth and quality of living that the city itself has played a large role in creating.

In MONEY’s annual report, the publication took hundreds of thousands of data points compiled by Time, Inc. and Realtor.com from over 500 locations across diverse geographical to come up with today’s city leaders. Combining factors of growth, affordability and quality of living, analysis was conducted more specifically on each city’s economic health, cost of living, diversity, public education, income, crime, ease of living, and amenities. Scoring some of the report’s highest marks on a state-level were those of Texas, which comes as no surprise as the state’s residents and even the national economy has seen and experienced buzz-worthy growth on a top tier scale.

“Of its biggest advantages; job creation, housing access and affordability as well as diverse industrialization has attracted more transplants to the state than any other in the US.” shares longtime Dallas resident and entrepreneur Marcus Hiles who has experienced and tapped into new growth opportunities first-hand  in cities like Frisco; throughout his 30+ year career as a leading Texas property developer.

A piece highlighting the report’s findings notes, “Each of the top Texas cities enjoy projected job growth rates more than double the median in our data set of more than 500 U.S. towns and cities — a draw for workers seeking employment.”

Not just any jobs either. As uncovered earlier this summer in Fortune’s 64th annual report, the state holds 50 of the Top Fortune 500 companies – that’s the third most of any state in the nation. Factor in its leading position in the energy sector, Texas also is home to many of the top paying organizations across all 52 states.

To employ the growing workforce and tap into these market opportunities, more and more out-of-state residents are making Texas their home. This is happening despite the national rate of residential mobilization being down, which the Census Bureau reports Texas’ population increases to be a significant 2.3 million more in recent years with several of the country’s fastest-growing places part of the midwest state.

This aside, it is not just the chart topping growth that landed the state and more specifically the city of Frisco on the very top of the list. This came down to its ability to continue to translate new success into higher quality ways of living that has really set the lone star leader apart.

Leveraging this new stream of cash, inbound business opportunities and residents; cities like Frisco have reinvested into what makes a top place to live in America.

This includes better and more affordable education at every level, city funded projects, more public amenities and local institutions just to name a few.

Across the board the city of Frisco and both its longtime and new comer residents are working to create a model community that fosters growth by investing smart and strategically for the greater good of today and the future.